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Withdrawing money from Nutmeg

While we always advise investing for the medium-to-long-term, you are free to withdraw your money whenever you need it. Withdrawals are free.

How to withdraw

From within your Nutmeg account on desktop or tablet, select withdraw from either the Payments & Transfers menu or from the cog icon on the pot to withdraw from, then follow the simple steps to withdraw.

Some things to bear in mind:

  1. Because the value of your investments changes from one day to the next we can’t guarantee that you will receive the amount you request
  2. If the amount requires withdrawing from an ISA, remember that any allowance used in this tax year will remain used, and you won’t get it back if you later pay back in to your Nutmeg ISA
  3. We will send the money to the bank account you specified when you signed up. If it is not correct or has changed please contact us before making the withdrawal

What happens next?

Once submitted, the value specified will be earmarked and you’ll see it reflected as a pending withdrawal on your desktop and tablet homepage. This will disappear once the money has been sent to your bank account.

How long does it take?

Withdrawals take 3-6 business days, as they require the following steps:

  1. We will sell your investments at our next twice-weekly investment cycle
  2. Once sold, the trade takes 2 business days to settle before we receive the money to send back to you
  3. Once the trade settles we send the money to your bank account by Faster Payments, typically arriving the next day

Please remember that the value of your investments may fluctuate during the period that you request a withdrawal and the trade is executed to sell your investments.

Please note under our terms and conditions, where you pay money into your account by Debit Card, and you request a withdrawal within 60 calendar days, we reserve the right to return funds to the same Debit Card. This process takes 3-10 working days to clear into your account, although our experience is that it is much closer to the 3 working days

If you prefer an in specie transfer of your investments — processing the withdrawal as a stock not cash — please contact us by Nutmail from within your Nutmeg account. We are not able to send you a cheque or pay a third party.